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    My name is David, Im 25 and im just a chill guy with a creative heart. I've always messed around with computers since i was young, eventually i picked up a interest in making my own websites and well.. here we are. (Fun fact: My original name was "Orbital Web Design" lol) I made this little site so i can share my knowledge with everyone and show off what goes on behind the scenes. I also stream fairly often and love helping others reach there goals so dont be surprised if you see posts about things stream related... and maybe a occasional meme..

  • 4 Years Of Experience with HTML/CSS
  • Created Codexstrial in Q1-Q2 2017
  • Started streaming in Q4 2017
  • Achieved affiliate in Q4 2018

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  • Tales Palooza
  • Cartoon Marathon
  • Survival Sunday
  • Web Design with Code_3x



Nothing new really this week (I've been learning some programming languages) but i did add a few more streams on the site and cleaned up the top of the site. Hopefully load times wont kill you guys but if thats ever a issue please let me know!

- Code_3x

Mini Update (Finished)


I've changed the color scheme on here and plan to change a few other small things. I added more streams towards the bottom of the page, and also have begun rebuidling codexstrials homepage, ill have a few articles back up on there soon!

- Code_3x

Mini Update


I've added a few more streams on here and plan on working on some projects over the next few weeks, i plan to change this color scheme with the next mini update and add a new homepage for Codexstrial.

- Code_3x

Landing Page - Codexstrial


The landing page for codexstrial.com is now live! Now i can actually focus on rebuilding what i started with!

- Code_3x

New Template


I've begun working on a music template! It will be up soon stay tuned!

- Code_3x

Update - Codexstrial.com


I will be placing a landing page on codexstrial.com, meaning the homepage will become nonfunctional but articles will still be viewable. This way i can easily figure out what i wanna retain or get rid of during this process.

- Code_3x

Day 2 - Video Arcade


The CSS for the flash arcade i tinkered with on stream is now up! Click Here!

- Code_3x

Day 1 - Basketball Stats


This example shows off what you can do with widgets!

Click Here!

- Code_3x


(Note: if you wanna view a specific stream/chat you can always click the users name or use the popout player by clicking the settings icon)