About Me

    My name is David, Im 25 and im just a chill guy with a creative heart. I've always messed around with computers since i was young, eventually i picked up a interest in making my own websites and well.. here we are. (Fun fact: My original name was "Orbital Web Design" lol) I made this little site so i can share my knowledge with everyone and show off what goes on behind the scenes. I also stream fairly often and love helping others reach there goals so dont be surprised if you see posts about things stream related... and maybe a occasional meme..

  • Created Codexstrial in Q1-Q2 2017
  • Started streaming in Q4 2017
  • Achieved affiliate in Q4 2018
  • Created Streamlurks in Q1 2020

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Streamlurks/Codexstrial Updates


I've finally got some structure around streamlurks, ive made a table that links to everyone on the website, along with some visual style changes for mobile. I added buttons for the watch browser, and added some 24 hour streams on the front page. The event page is there but for now I left it empty.

Now for Codexstrial, ive already pulled the old articles and have them ready to implement, after that i have to work on navigation and a few small things but im hoping to have that pushed out by the end of next week

- Code_3x

Streamlurks Update


I've added a randomizer for streams now, and plan on adding a whole bunch over the weekend. This upcoming week will probably focus on backend things such as configuring search engines, comments and etc.

More news


I've been making some moves! I have started working on the page for articles on codexstrial, and have began adding streams and what not to streamlurks (though i havent uploaded it yet because im waiting on some stuff.) along with creating a Twitter. I'll post another update probably before the week is out!

Also all the streams that were here, will be added on streamlurks so of course I removed them.

- Code_3x



Im finally making a move and putting all the streams on a seperate website, that way i can focus on setting up the visual aspect for the layout, without worrying about meshing it together with things featured on codexstrial and the such. It's something i wanted to do for a while but i wanted to make sure its something i wanted to do. Once I work on some more thing i will post another update!

- Code_3x

A bright future


I've added a few things and made a actual style sheet for codexstrial (was using inline styles before) the next update will be much bigger as far as content goes because ill be uploading some of the older articles with it so i can gauge how i want it to look for the future.

- Code_3x



Nothing new really this week (I've been learning some programming languages) but i did add a few more streams on the site and cleaned up the top of the site. Hopefully load times wont kill you guys but if thats ever a issue please let me know!

- Code_3x

Mini Update (Finished)


I've changed the color scheme on here and plan to change a few other small things. I added more streams towards the bottom of the page, and also have begun rebuidling codexstrials homepage, ill have a few articles back up on there soon!

- Code_3x

Mini Update


I've added a few more streams on here and plan on working on some projects over the next few weeks, i plan to change this color scheme with the next mini update and add a new homepage for Codexstrial.

- Code_3x

Landing Page - Codexstrial


The landing page for codexstrial.com is now live! Now i can actually focus on rebuilding what i started with!

- Code_3x