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This is, I made this little blog so i can share my knowledge with everyone about web design / development and show off what goes on behind the scenes of various other projects.

About me

Im just a chill guy with a creative heart, my goal is helping to make a place where gamers, developers and streamers all over the world can engage with each other! I also stream fairly often so dont be surprised if you see posts about things stream related... and maybe a occasional meme..

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Cat Challenge!


I just added a few more streams on streamlurks! I also set up the event page and set a color scheme I plan on messing with a bit more as time goes. As for Codexstrial I had some things behind the scenes happen which will make getting everything going 10x harder, i may just move it under another name or something like that just so I can get out what I do have. Stay tuned for more updates.

- Code_3x


I pushed a big visual update and changed somethings around here. I also put some time into making another website template. "Shakespeare's Sonnets" is a template based on some of Shakespeare's popular sonnets, and showcases what you can do with background images , divs, and font familys.

- Code_3x

New Examples

Shakespeare's Sonnets

This template details a little information about shakespeare, and shows what you can do with background images.

Sport's Website

A Sports blog showing off what you can do with widgets and embeds.

Flash Trash

A little template featuring flash games - RIP Flash Player


New Page coming soon!

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