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My name is David but most people know me as Codexstrial or Code_3x. I'm a young guy with a creative heart, when im not streaming im probably working on some projects or gaming. People who know me would say im really laid-back.


A website i created for sharing streams and connecting people with others, have a look

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Scrapped stuff i rather messed around with and didn't finish or just wanted to practice with, some things posted here may be unfinished.

Flash Trash
Sports Media
Codexstrial V2 (Coming Soon)

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Updates - 7/26/2020 - Code's Playground is back up

Updates - 7/24/2020 - Streamlurks now has categories for specific games.

Updates - 7/12/2020 - Added new streams, fixed video alignment in certain areas (Streamlurks)